Our Company

We, Unique Home Towns, have been able to bring about innovations and designs that have pioneered in the industry of bathroom accessories. The extensive ranges of faucets, shower and several accomplices have provided the users with an unparalleled bathroom experience. The entire spectrum of bathroom innovations is crafted with high precision. These accessories have efficiently worked in redefining the bathroom functionalities. The beautiful combination of progressive craftsmanship, cutting – edge technology and award-winning designs have been able to enhance attention of the passers-by, with the passage of every single day.

The products that we sell include various bath items, bathroom tiles and basins. Our entire products have been manufactured with application of newest methods. The elements work in enhancing the bathroom space and comfort as well.

Besides, we also cater our clients with the latest Modular Kitchen Items manufactured by Kutchina. This company is among the leading appliances brand in India today. They have introduced modular kitchens with state-of-the-art design and technology. All these products have been able to storm the market due to energy-efficiency, low maintenance cost and advanced functional features. Availability of products in excellent quality and the teaming of brilliant after- sales service have worked in bringing complete satisfaction in the mind of our customers.